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Inspiration And Procrastination

Lately,I’ve been procrastinating as much as I’ve been inspired.And by inspired,I mean daydreaming.For example,last night it was raining.I got the idea for a story,but that idea is likely to go down the drain again.

This morning,I tried to write down the story,but I ended facebooking and opening youtube.The thing is,I can’t seem to put my mind onto things.I have tons of work that needs to be finished but everytime I put my mind to it,something happens.My mom calls,my friend is at the door,my favourite show is on and a cat is hit by a car.

So,I’m trying to be more focused in things I set to do.No more procrastinating and lazying around.It almost like I have a short attention span,which I think I do have but does not admit it.

Anyway,I hope I can overcome this problem soon.Hope you can share if you similar problems to mine. 🙂