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Dark Discovery|another lousy story by me(its cliche by the way)

I walked through my class door.Eyeballs stared at me like a tiger would at its prey.Felt like running but there is nowhere to run.I’m all alone in these new environtment.It’s my first day of school,and I’m not very great with strangers that I just met.Eventhough they are my classmates,to me they are strangers.

It was particularly chilly that day,with a slight drizzle.That did not seem to dampen spirits of the highly optimistic,brave-new-world students of my class.But to me,the weather perfectly symbolized my feeling .I’m a barren wasteland inside.Maybe full of ice.

The moment he walked in,I knew he was trouble.The math teacher.I was never in good terms with any math teachers at any school.I was a good student but something always happen.In January,on a Monday,I watched it begin again.My longtime rivalry with math teachers

The recess bell rang.A person said hello to me.That’s not so bad.He introduced me to groups of students sitting at a table at the canteen.They seemed like my kind of people.A band of misfits group together to survive highschool.Sounds like a Nickelodean show theme.But now,I’ll accept just about anything.I was silent throughout the conversation they had,but collected new information.Turns out that this shool is not what it all appears to be.It’s been hiding some very dark and heavy secret.

After school,for some unknown and mysterious reasons,I decided to wander around the school compound.Then I saw what appeared to be a student screaming behind the school’s worksop.Debating the wisdom of running to the police station which are two blocks away,I let it slide for now.But I’m sure it has something to do with this school’s allegedly dark secrets that was revealed to me by my friends.

Next day,I went to school as usual.I met up with Harits,my new friend that I met yesterday.He told me new details about what the school is hiding.Once again,a question pops up in my head,have I made a good decision in enrolling in this school?The secret that this school is hiding can threaten the students.Because I had known this secret,I need to do something about it.Tonight.

AT 8.00p.m,I was the first one to arrive at the school  gate.Few minutes later,others arrived.Tonight is Mathematics class so I will be sitting through a 2 hour long class that I hope I can survive through.But that’s not what I’m worried about.I will unravel this secret once and for all.

Class started.After ten minutes,Mr.Zack received a call.He went outside to answer it.After he went back inside,he told that class would end at 9.00 p.m..Students in the class looked at each other.We knew there is something fishy going on and Harits and I are going to do something about it.

After class,Harits and I waited behind the gate until all students are back home.Suddenly,I felt a third presence.It grabbed my shoulder and covered both of our mouths.I was about to fall on to the ground when I realized it was Dini.The girl from the class next door.I remembered she had been eavesdropping on our conversation.Maybe she’s here to  help.

“I’ve seen what they are doing”.But I was alone at that time so I kept quiet.”said Dini.

So she knew about this.I assumed that she have been investigating this matter for a long time.

“The Clan needs to be stopped.More students are disappearing each day.”she explained.Her calm looks now turned into anxiety.The details Harits been telling me is true.They kidnapped children.For what?Sacrifice?Trade?Or something more sinister?

Now we are working as trio.We saw Mr.Zack heading towards the workshop.The workshop is dark and gloomy at night.The trees that grew around it gave it a surreal look.Almost supernatural like.Now Mr.Zack went inside the workshop.

We followed him silently.Through the window,we see people dressed in white standing in a circle in dimly lit room.The incandescent bulb is the only thing that illuminates the space.Seems like Mr.Zack is the only one that is out of place with his black shirt and slacks.

Suddenly,he pushed the orb that was in the center of the circle.That seems to upset the people in white.Mr.Zack started to yell and wreak havoc in the room.He noticed us who were standing behind the window and knew we should not be noticed by the people in white.

“Zack!Are you out of your mind?”

“Yes Chad!,I’m out of my mind for trying to what’s right,!”shouted Mr.Zack.

All of the sudden three of the men in white pulled out guns.

“How’s your hand been doing Zack?”Chad said pointing to Mr.Zack’s dark and dry hand.

A men shot a bullet to the crate on the floor. him,meaning to intimidate him.The blow destroyed the crate but he is still satnding rock solid.Mr.Zack slid his hand to his back pocket pulling out his own gun.Now the all of the four men are at each other’s gunpoint.One shot and all of them could be dead.

Although we are bystanders,we could feel the tension of the scene.Sweat ran down our faces.Adrenaline was rushing through all of our veins.

Mr.Zack kicked Chad’s leg and Chad stumbled to the ground.His fist then landed on the three men’s face.A men tried to hit him but Mr.Zack’s kick broke his wrist.

Mr.Zack ducked down as a woman released deafening shot.It created a hole in the door.He wrestled the woman down and signaled us to leave.

We followed his orders and left the scene.Dini managed to capture a picture of the men in white and the orb.We are still in good condition because they have not `noticed us.As we were escaping the eery looking school premise,Harits tripped and fell.We help him to get up and continue running.The chance of being caught by ‘the whites’as I call them now could not be risk.

We all got home safe and sound.But we cannot help but think what were they doing?We know that Mr.Zack deliberately do that in order to save us.But what happens next?As I’m lying on my bed.I wonder,how I get myself into this mess and Mr.Zack is not all he turned out to be.He is on our side.The right side.And he saved our necks tonight.

The next day,I did not see Mr.Zack but something unexpected happens.I received a letter informing that I was transferred to MRSM Gerik.It is a big step up than the school I’m currently in but I cannot help but wonder does it have anything to do with last night’s event.Strangely enough,Harits was transferred to SERATAS while Dini was stationed to MRSM Kuala Kubu Baharu.I smell conspiracy.My parents handled the school exchange quickly and I was pulled out of the school before I had the chance to say goodbye to my friends.But I managed to meet up with Harits and Dini.We agrred on th same thing.Conspiracy.After that,I did not see them or the school for a long time.

But we promised to be back to solve the mystery.


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One Lucky Day| its a short story i’ve written out of boredom

I was trying to cross the street when I tripped upon a stone and spilled my soda on the man.He also fell to the ground.He yelled at me.I think that was kind of fair because he was late for a meeting and I delayed him.I decided to move on with my life after that and went into a shoe store.

After finishing my errand in the town,I went home.I was delighted to find that mom had cooked my favourite meal.I sit down at the table with my family.We enjoyed the little feast with some conversation.

“How thing’s are going for you?”Dad asked me.

“Well,today I knocked down a man and I got discount for the shoes at Seiko’s.”

“That’s unexpected”Replied dad.

Mom started to join in. “Do you know your friend is coming?” “You mean Ahmad?”

“Yea,him”.I was then ordered to clean up the living room because it has been my port lately.The place where I watch tv,listen to music and struggle with my homework.So its up to me to clean up the mess.But does anyone really care how tidy a house is?They will probably forget it the second they got out of the house.At least that what I think.But what I think often does not have any significance.

The man my family was waiting for arrived.He rang our doorbell and knocked our door gently.My father greeted him with a smile and guess what?This might sounds cliché but that man is the man that knocked down this morning.He carved a cynical smile at his face aimed at me.

I haven’t seen my friends for a while and it bugs me that dad had a requiem with his longtime friend.My friends are not really close to me but I longed for their company.Seeing that my father met his friend,it shook my heart to its core.Maybe I should contact my friends?I suddenly have the longing to relive my school years and become more acquainted with them.After a 2 awkward hours of conversation with Ahmad,he finally leaves the house.And my longing is  about to get worse.

I accompany my mom to the town after that,we stopped at the local restaurant to grab something to eat.

When I walked in,I knew the constant  ‘in your face moments’ that I have been facing is going to occur again.The first clue I had was when I saw a group of women eating at the corner of the restaurant.I never saw them before nor that I knew who they were.But I just knew they’re about to make my day worse.

My mom have a sort of flashback look on her face now.

She walked towards them.

“Girls,do you remember me?”

“Yea!Of course.Why wouldn’t we?You were one of the most successful and bright students of our class.What are you doing now?”

The last question marks the beginning of a long and tiring  conversation for me to hear.I ended up sitting alone at a table while my mother have a chat with her friends.I stare at my glass of water for a while before I started to eat ice cubes .But the steak was good though.My heart may be cold now but my stomach is a paradise.

I started to think.

Does the memories that I created  with my friends in middle school meant nothing to me or my friends?Because we have not seen each other in a while and I started to regret not bonding very well with my my friends.This must be solved.I cannot go on like this forever.I need to make peace with my past and have a closure.Something needed to be done.I decided to relive my school years in a restaurant.That calls for a reunion.

I reached my phone and called the person who is as close as a friend.We organized an out of the blue reunion of 6 Amanah.We set the venue at fast food restaurant.50 minutes later,everyone was at the restaurant.

At first,it seemed a little awkward.All of us stared at each other awkwardly.But then,one of my friends,Rafiq who was known to be the class clown,broke the ice.After that,everything went smoothly.We felt like we were in our classroom again.

We felt free.We felt like we were transported back to last year.We felt like year 6 students again.We laughed,we played and we danced.

To retain our gush of excitement,we dcided to make the whole thing more real.Our grade teacher’s house,Mrs.Amina was visited.She is kind enough to welcome us with open hands and we chat with her for hours.We realized that most of us had change for the past year and its nice to become our old stupid,crazy selves again.Time has taken its toll on us and we are too consumed with studies.

We spent nearly 3 hours at the teacher’s house and then reality started to come in.We bid farewell to each just like we did on the last day of school.It was sad,but it was the sign of a new beginning.And I already made peace with my past now,I had my closure.My friends didn’t forget about me,they were just too busy.I think the same goes with me.I always whine about how they never visit me but why don’t I ever visit them?I’m not somekind of king that his subjects needed  to obey to. I’m just plain old me.So the whole time,I was really creating my own problems,instead of visiting them,I hoped that they would visit me.I learnt my lesson and not to judge my friends the same way again.My friends and I decided that the reunion will be done every year.That’s just great!Today was a one lucky day for me and my friends and would never forget this day.